Glowing Bunny Ears

When you want to glow from head to toe, our Glow Bunny Ears are the answer! Why settle for “normal” headwear when you can sport a pair of glow bunny ears? Our Glow Bunny Ears are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of whimsy to any look. Their powerful glow will get you noticed in any crowd, and is great for parties, costume parties, kids’ birthdays, stag and hen parties, raves, clubbing and more. In fact, you’ll never run out of places to wear these cute accessories!

Our bunny ears are a snap to use. Their bold glowing effect is activated by simply bending the glow stick until you hear a light snapping sound and putting in the head band. Shake them a bit to distribute the glow fluid evenly, and that’s it! The ears will produce powerful colour and light for up to 6 hours once activated.