GlowShack has a network of services that are here to help you.

We strive to deliver quality services that will help our customers when they need it most. Our customers can expect to save TIME and MONEY by choosing to use our services. Our Glow Team consists of highly-skilled professionals that are experienced in a multitude of different areas of work, like: Planning & Development, Digital Media & Design, Marketing & Advertisement, and much more.

Quality services sourced by GlowShack include:


Planning a party that leaves great impressions takes a lot of time and energy. Why not let GlowShack help you plan the ultimate party? Whether it's for a Birthday, Wedding, or just for fun - GlowShack offers a party planning service that is affordable and timely! We will take care of all the details, from decor to the management of hired vendors.

Advantages of our Party Planning Service:

  • Budget Focused
  • Superior Organization
  • Skilled Negotiations
  • Flexible
  • Time-saving
  • Products & Discounts

Budget Focused
Our experienced event planners know what costs to expect and whether there are differences in value. With this knowledge, we can help keep track of the overall price and suggest ways that you can stay within a set budget.

Superior Organization
Great organizational skills are a must. From production timelines for the event to booking a venue on time, our event planners are prepared for the best and worst scenarios.

Skilled Negotiations
Contracts with suppliers and vendors go hand-in-hand with our special event planners. Luckily, our planners know how to make sure your wishes are met, and they aren't afraid of putting pressure on the vendor or supplier when needed.

Our event planners are there to make your event happen. For some clients, this may mean that they want to contribute a lot, or even just a little bit of input. Whatever the case, we will ensure that each of ours clients receive the best service they deserve.

Planning an event takes a lot of time to make sure it goes smoothly. Our event planners are dedicated to spending time researching, planning and negotiating to help clients get the event that they want.
Products & Discounts
We have a variety of party products that can help make your party even better than you could have imagined! By choosing our party planning service, you will be entitled to special product discounts and other exclusive promotions.


Our video production services offers clients the highest production values for an affordable rate. We strive to understand our clients' message objectives so that we can create the best concept that is on-point and effective. Furthermore, our talented video production service team posses the creativity, insight, and technical expertise required to transform your ideas into powerful, persuasive content on screen.

We produce a variety of video productions that are tailored to clients' needs. Such projects that we service include:

  • Personal Videos
  • School and Work Projects
  • Memorial Videos
  • TV Commercials

Personal Videos
Personal videos are a great way to express your thoughts and feelings towards one or more topics of interest. Whatever the idea, we will help you create captivating material that is high quality and efficient.

School and Work Projects
Have a tight deadline for an important project? Our video production service team will help you make your ideas come to life.

Memorial Videos
We all have memories worth sharing - and this is exactly why we want to provide our clients with quality material that is elegant and heartwarming. Such memorial videos we specialize in, include:

  • Funerals
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Much More
TV Commercials
We maintain a healthy record of producing successful, engaging content on time and on budget for our clients. Benefits of using our video production services include:
  • Local, Regional, or National Coverage
  • Reach Your Target Demographic
  • Fit Your Budget
  • Custom Scripting and Creative Services Available

Our video production service is broken into three stages:

Scripting & Storyboard – The pre-production phase of a project is where all the planning takes place before the camera rolls. Whether its measured in minutes, hours or days, this planning phase sets the overall vision of the project. Pre-production also includes working out the shoot location and casting. You’re in pre-production mode the moment you start writing down a few points to cover in a video even if it is a short piece made for a blog. As your projects become more ambitious you can start to storyboard the project. Storyboards can really smooth out the post-production process when it’s time for editing. This will really be useful if there are multiple people working on the project.

Production begins once the footage is recorded. This process will capture all the scenes and information captured in the pre-production process. During the production process you apply various the lighting requirements, framing and work on composition. Some projects will also shoot B-Roll during the production process. B-Roll is supplementary footage that can be included in the final cut.

The post production process begins after all the footage has been captured. Graphics can be added along with images, music, colour correction and special effects. Our talented video production service team exercises their knowledge with the following software:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro







Beautiful, professional, and engaging photos are essential because life is constantly changing and our special moments are important to treasure. GlowShack's mission is to provide quality photography for our clients with increased options and style than our competitors.

Our Professional Photographers are dedicated to providing:

  • Professional, efficient and friendly processes
  • Innovative and stylish ambiances
  • Custom Captures – we'll work with you, to get the look you want
  • Wide range of photography styles available: Executive, Candid, Glamour, and more
  • Quality backgrounds / backdrops
  • Easy access to view your proofs online or in person
 Photography we specialize in, include:
  • Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • Cake Smash
  • Family
  • Grad
  • Birthdays
  • Much more!