Neon UV Eye Liner, 15ml

Eye Liner That Rocks As Hard As You! 

When it comes to drawing outside the lines and taking risks, PaintGlow isn’t shy. And neither should you be. Our vibrant liquid UV Neon Eye Liner delivers a stunning look that is smudge-proof and smear-proof. One fine line can transform an entire look so with the help of our favourite eye product, you can create the wildest designs with no mess or excess.

Striking Lines For Stand-Out Eyes

After a year in which nude palettes and monochrome makeup reigned supreme, we were ecstatic to see bold colours making a comeback.

Upside Down Eye Makeup is sweeping Hollywood at the moment and not only is it one of the most striking looks around, it’s also one of the simplest. Think: Eyeliner worn just under the eye. With this trend, you can edge up any look with just a flick of the hand.

Multi coloured eyes are also SO in right now and we were very excited to see the uprise of the amazing Rainbow Eye Liner. Choose from our classic UV Neon six colour range to define your eyes in singular shades, or mix and merge to achieve that edgy and distinct rainbow eye look.

Make The Most Of Your UV Eye Liner

The easy-to-use applicator brush that comes with our UV Eye Liner is all that you need to perfect these inspiring UV makeup trends and give you eyes some liner love. A steady hand would be good too.

Sleek and quirky but by day, just wait for the UV Lighting to work it’s magic and take your eye-game to hypnotic lengths.

*Expert Tip* Use the angle of your lower lash line as a guide for your flick, and placing a dot at the outer corner of each eye before using your liquid liner to make sure the sides match up

Perfect Partners For The Neon UV Eye Liner

Any eye look isn’t complete without a slick coat of mascara and a dusting of eye shadow. They go together like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong, as Sandy and Danny would say!

And how better to make even more of a statement than by adding a glitter coating to your already stunning eye look. The perfect partners to accompany the Neon UV Eye Liner would be:

UV Inspiration

In need some ideas and inspiration? Take a peek at our favourite hashtags on Instagram, to see what other festival and club-goers are styling up their neon and UV products: