April 30, 2018

Theme Birthday Party Ideas with Glow in the Dark Items

When it comes to festivals and parties everyone wants to look the best and organize the perfect party. However, we follow the same format for the party in which we will have a theme, everyone will dress up, enjoy the music and have some snacks. It might have been interesting a few years back but now it is boring. We can understand that you want to throw a surprise party for your best friend and you want everyone to appreciate your hard work and remember that amazing party for a long time. Do not worry because we have some unique tips for you.

Keep It Dark In The Party Hall
First, you have to pay attention to the party hall. This time you should arrange the party at night so that you can keep the room dark. All you have to do is instead of ordering the regular party supply get the glowing accessories. These are commonly used in the festivals and you can easily make the room look interesting with them.

Assure that everything you use to decorate the room should be glow in the dark because that is the only way the room will shine even in the dark. Assure that you remove any dangerous furniture and cover the hurdles with the glow in dark party supply, so your guests will not get hurt even when it will be dark in the room.

Get Covered In Some Glow In The Dark Body Paint
You might have been wondering that how the people will see each other when there will be no lights. Simply use the glow in the dark body paint. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Get the glow in dark paint items like Eye Mascara, Lipstick, Nail Polish and Blush
  • Assure that you let all your guests know that they have to cover their body with the glow in the dark body paint
  • Ask all the guests to use the paint on their clothes as well so that they will be clearly seen
  • Boys will not use glow in the dark body paint as makeup but they can still make some exciting tattoos on their body
  • For the birthday girl/boy assure that they get dressed and covered with the same glow in the dark body paint but do not let them know that it is their birthday party. Just give them an excuse that you are taking them to a unique festival.
Prepare Some Glowing Snacks

One of the most important things that you have to consider is the glow in the dark snacks. You might have been wondering that how you can make it possible. You can cover the glass and bottles with the same glow in the dark paint. There is edible glow in the dark food colors available that you can add on the food items, cake as well as in the drinks because they have no flavor and so everyone will be able to see what they are eating. You can even place some small LED that will not minimize the glow in the dark effect.

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